Project fractal

Project fractal is the fractal renderer i am currently working on, it has already produced incredible results, but essentially for every rendering i have to change a alot of things in the code, and that has to change as it can no longer create some of the first renderings i did with it.

Like this one
[youtube dDXzO2Zb5KY]

The code has advanced pretty far for now, only a few days more of rendering and i should be able to make a short clip of about a minute.
And i do say days, take this image for instanceIt takes over a minute to render (using the gpu fully), and that’s only because it’s part of an animation, for a still image i could probably leave it to render for an hour.
The method i am using here is interesting, it’s essentially a derivation of the buddabrot fractal, only using the julia fractal (though mathematically they are pretty much the same) with a few slight modifications of my own.
I have also done the same with the buddabrot, buddabrot3D and buddabulb.
Next fractal is either Mandel cube or some kind of lorenz system, it would be nice to do both as both present new challenging tasks, the lorenz system is somewhat problematic since it requires you to continue something using a geometry shader feedback loop, also to make it look nice since i havn’t done that kind of rendering before.
The mandel cube on the other hand forces me to solve what i started with the Mandel bulb since it’s a deeply volumetric system and thus need lighting, lighing requires normals and i only have access to density values.

After these two comes l-systems and self similar geometry which could be pretty hard to solve on a gpu.

So what i like to do with it is
1. make a more generalized renderer that can handle pretty much anything, including advanced compositing, ray-tracing, photon tracing and of cause these fractals.
2. Add a ui and editing capabilities so i don’t have to muck around in c code or with script files (though that should also be an option).
3. make it capable of rendering pretty much at any scale.

I do hope i can do something really neat with it, i mean more neat than it already is

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