Project citrus

This project is sort of an oddball compared to what i usually do, bit there is a good reason for it, sort of, basically it started as a discussion between me and my mother who coincidently knows a lot about plants (her garden has over 100 different species of pants, so that’s a lot).
Either way we where talking about lemons (because we where currently eating them) and i said that wouldn’t it be nice with a lemon tree outside, to witch she responded, “lemons cant grow here, it’s to cold”.
Now that was more or less the magic word right there, we can grow grapes, kiwi, corn and the asparagus is taller than she is, so why not lemons, or any other citrus fruit for that matter.

The story so far
So about a year ago at spring 2010 i planted the first  seeds, i got five lemon plants and a kumquat so i decided to treat each of the lemons differently, the first two i am letting grow taller with the one on the left has the top cut of and the one on the right got the lower set of leafs removed, this is only to see what will happen, if they grow well i will try and plant one of them outside after a while after i weatherize them.

Plant number 3 was cut so that it branches very close to the ground so in order to create a more bushy type of plant, maybe i will make it to an indoors plant and keep it really small like a weird bonsai tree.

The fourth one seen here with the kumquat on the left (which i am saving as it is) grew really strangely with small stubby leafs (they feel almost like they where made from abs plastic), i wasn’t gonna save more than 2 or 3, but i made an exception for this.

And finally the fifth one didn’t grow that well so when i replanted them i ditched it as i had to make room for the next batch im doing this year.

Present activities
The kumquat plants here down below is about a month old and has in the last week or so sprung up one after another, so far i count seven, even though i planted 16. i  also planted them according to how viable i felt the seed was (essentially how large and round tehy are), so far it sort of grows in the way i expected.

I plan on saving at about 6 of them, though it depends on how many actually come up and how viable they seem.
For some reason i also planted an avocado (don’t ask me why, it just seem like the thing to do), it started sprouting a week ago (i even tried to make a time lapse of it, but i did it a day early), it is growing like wildfire and constantly wants to turn towards the window so i have to sort of rotate the plant every day so it will grow reasonably straight.
Im not really sure what i can make of it, but hey thats what experimentation is for.

Simply put i want a lemon tree or kumquat tree in some form, preferably outside, but with temperatures that can dip below -30 in the winter, im not sure what i can do.
But from what i have read it’s the root thats the, well, root of the problem, i have read somewhere that if you attach like a kumquat branch to a different root it can tolerate lower temperatures, not enough for my needs, but still.
So my thinking is
1. can i weatherize it enough to survive the winter.
2. is it possible to protect it during the coldest part of winter, maybe low power solar heaters.
3. Can i make it small enough to have indoors.
4. Can i learn enough about this subject to do something awsome

Really if i had the tools and knowhow to mess with it’s DNA i would, but i don’t so i have to figure out a way around that. Does anyone know of a cheap (and i do mean dirt cheap) way of doing it at home?

I will naturally keep updating this if and when i do something.

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