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The Ps4?

So again theres the rumor going around that the ps3 is going to be presented at e3 this year, so nothing new under the sun except that it’s pretty early for those since they usually start popping up in april. … Continue reading

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Nikons next move

So news about nikon events are beginning to pop up throughout the world coinciding with the long awaited release of the Nikon D4 and rumors has it that there will also be a mirror-less system as well, sort of similar … Continue reading

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The Unlimited detail scam

A few days ago we saw the release of a video from a company called Euclidion showing of something they called unlimited detail. Well first off right off the bat, it’s not really unlimited detail, fractals have unlimited detail, but … Continue reading

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Welcome to The geek state. This is the default post, If your seeing this it means i haven’t yet added anything in this category, but no worries, something will be added here, eventually, if you have an idea about this … Continue reading

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