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TED: The missing link to renewable energy

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LG 55″ OLED tv

Yes it’s finally arrived, the OLED generation of tvs, it’s been hinted at for years and there had been a few relatively tiny expensive predecessors, but again it’s finally here, the LG 55″ OLED tv, i just hope the price … Continue reading

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Researchers grow crops on super thin film

This stuff is really cool, if used right it could feed the world. It would also make hydroponics in space easier

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Khronos Releases OpenGL 4.2 Specification

So Khronos released a new version of openGL and while it doesn’t contain any revolutionary changes is clearly a  step in the right direction and i can’t wait to test some of them out, all i need now is a … Continue reading

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QuakeCon 2011 – John Carmack Keynote

It’s safe to say that i kind of look up to Carmack as a source of inspiration and whenever id releases or hints at a new graphics technology i alway try to see if i can implement it myself, when … Continue reading

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New phase-changing alloy turns waste heat into green energy

If they could ever get this to work properly it could be a really interesting technology, imagine placing it anywhere there is heat and you can extract electricity from it. However while the article doesn’t say i do suspect that … Continue reading

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Receipt printer racing game is pure nerd magic

Now this is basically how it should be done, hacking everyday boring objects to play games on, it’s pure awesome, now all we need is a toaster that runs doom and a roomba that plays pong.

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World’s First 3D-Printed Bikini Makes Debut

So how do you make something awesome that contains something awesome more awesome, the answer, you print it with a 3D printer. So someone did just that and created the worlds first 3D printed bikini. Now if i just could … Continue reading

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Welcome to The geek state. This is the default post, If your seeing this it means i haven’t yet added anything in this category, but no worries, something will be added here, eventually, if you have an idea about this … Continue reading

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