“what is a geek? and why spend time making a site promoting it?”

The answer lies like right in front of you, everything that you see in front of you was first thought up by a geek so ask yourself this, would you be better off living in a cave wielding a stick, no, in fact most of you would be dead right now if it wasn’t for the geeks.

Fun fact: geeks invented the number zero, also nubers 4 to F

Now in my mind this is worth celebrating by digging deep in our respective geekdoms and achieve a higher level of existence, the so called geekvana, it’s like nirvana only way more awesome and way more profitable.

“Whats the difference between geeks and nerds?”

It’s said that the difference is that nerds do only one thing and geeks many, which is a bit of an overstatement, but what does differentiate the two is that while nerds do tend to specialize in their subjects, geeks are always on the hunt to step into the unknown to learn and master new things, both of these types of people are important in todays modern society, but i am a geek and this is my domain.

Fun fact: All Geeks will eventually end up with prettiest girls (or boys where applicable), if not we can and will invent a way to make that happen.

“geekdom? geekvava?”

These are new words i feel is necessary to describe certain things unique to our kind, i would be a bad geek if i didn’t explain a few of these.
Geekdom – the area if interest in which a geek operates within like movies, photography, cars, music computers and so on, whatever these might be they are deeply personal and a geek can literally talk for hours about it, it’s their areas of passion and expertize.
A geek usually have several of them and are not afraid to get another.

Geekout – The act of indulging oneself in ones or another persons geekdom on a more social way, either by acting it out or just talking about it.

Geekin – opposite of geekout, when the geek sits down to learn more about a subject, like reading a book, surfing the web or tinkering with projects.

Geekvana – it’s that elusive goal of infinite knowledge of your geekdom that is always on the horizon but can never be reached.

” Gee wiz mister, how can i become a geek too?”

Well that’s the easy part, figure out your geekdoms, try to learn everything you can about them, make something out of it (ie. get off your butt and do something) and finally be on the lookout of new things to like, preferably things you didn’t think you would ever like.
An example would be if you lets say your into anything that has to do with cloth and such, you like to make your own clothes or fluffy teddy bears or what not, it doesn’t matter.
Now pick up computer gaming and electronics, now you can knit companion cubes, place an aurdoino in a teddy bear and make pants with an built in wireless ftp server, or in other words something more awesome than before.

Fun fact: the word awesome was invented by geeks to describe the first cat/sandwich hybrid, it has since been used for other non cat related things.

And that’s really the key, more awesome than before, because that is really the only thing improving our lives, and more awesome is generally the way to do it.

“can anything be a geekdom?”

Pretty much, but there are a few qualifiers, first it must be something you can improveĀ  upon, you also need to be open to improving it thus things that have a strong dogmatic touch to it is hard to have as a geekdom, so religion is really not fitting for this, unless you want to become an atheist, theology on the other side can be a geekdom.
Abstract things like love is also hard to have as a geekdom, but everything around it might be, things like marriage, sex, parenting and such.
Hobbies or other activities that are only done because you like it are also not, they can become that, but the key is that you work passionately on it to improve it and not just use what others have done before.

Secondly, another key to a good geekdom is cross pollination in where your geekdoms start to affect each other, It’s trough that process all the cool stuff in the world came to be.

Third are the projects, a geek without a project is a bored geek.
Projects are what drives you to want to know more about a thing, they are also your reward, and if you really succeed people will pay you money for it.
Personally i have many projects, few if none of them complete, but as i see it it’s not the goal it’s the journey, also it’s the pot of gold at the end of the journey, but i consider that as a bonus.

Fun fact: the longest continuously running project was a study in using intelligent design to subjugate evolution to achieve speciation , the result, dogs. The most successful one produced lolcats.

“can i be a geek and not do anything?”

Don’t know, has never happened, though what your doing varies greatly.
Just the very act of researching things and understanding it means that your doing something and unless your living in an hermetically sealed container that bit of knowledge will eventually leak out in your daily work, it may not be as satisfying as making a perfect replica of an apeture science portal gun in fudge, but it is at least something.

Fun fact: while rule 34 is well known, the lesser known rule 64 states that “for everyone that emphatically declares something as impossible someone will eventually prove them wrong”, rule 34 still applies.

And finally about being a geek, just relax, everything i wrote above feels as naturalĀ  as breathing to a geek, so don’t worry about cross pollination or if and what your doing as projects, just wait and see and you will find yourself doing it anyway.
That is if your a true geek, if not then just start doing anything, you will eventually find your way.

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